Certification Process

Route A : Unregistered or Unlicensed Products

Route A Certification Process

Every consignment will go through 2 steps in order to be compliant with the import requirements of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

1. Product Certificate (Unregistered); PC(U)

The PC(U) is valid for only one shipment and it has a validity of 6 months from the date of PC(U) issuance. The PC(U) is a mandatory document for obtaining a SONCAP Certificate (SC) and it is also needed to pre-declare the import in Nigeria (opening of the Form M).

Requirements for a PC(U)

  • Physical inspection of the shipment by Cotecna
  • Sample testing:
    • Samples are drawn by Cotecna during the inspection of the shipment or under Cotecna supervision as per applicable standards.
    • Acceptance of Test Reports as long as they are issued by an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory or an approved laboratory as per Cotecna/SON’s procedures.


Cotecna will issue a PC(U), upon successful inspection and samples testing results.

2. SONCAP Certificate Issuance

The SONCAP Certificate (SC) is valid only for one particular shipment. It is a mandatory document for Customs clearance. In order to obtain a SC, you must:

  • Complete and send the Request for Certification (RFC) form
  • Have all the goods of the shipment covered by one or more valid Product Certificates.
  • Have Cotecna complete the loading supervision of Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Have Cotecna seal the FCL container(s)
  • Send final documents to Cotecna


Cotecna will deliver a SONCAP Certificate (SC) upon compliance with above requirements.

In the event of non-compliance with the testing and/or inspection requirements, Cotecna shall issue a Non Conformity Report (NCR).