03 October 2016

Requirements before opening an E-Form M

Before an importer can open an E-Form M, the following procedures must be completed:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of the Company in Nigeria
    Anyone who intends to import into Nigeria should primarily rely on a client based in Nigeria who has a legitimately registered company and has thereby obtained a certificate of incorporation.
  • Registration with the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS)
    The registered company must be also registered with FIRS for tax related issues.
  • Up-to-date Tax Payment and Tax Identification Number (TIN Number)
    Importers have to prove they are up-to-date in terms of tax payments. If so, a TIN number is issued for the raising of the Form M.
  • Valid e-mail address tagged to the TIN number
    A valid e-mail address must be linked to the TIN number for correspondence purposes.
  • Choose an Authorized Dealer Bank
    This is the bank that will process the E-Form M, as well as initiate clearance by processing the Post Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR).
  • If you want to learn more or obtain assistance, please contact us.

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