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Everything about containerized and break bulk shipping to Nigeria

Containerized and break bulk shipping are two affordable ways of exporting goods to Nigeria. Here is everything you need to know about the shipping methods.

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Importing firecrackers and other explosive products into Nigeria

Firecrackers are a popular celebratory import product. As we welcome the New Year, here is everything you need to know about exporting fireworks and other explosive products to Nigeria.

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How to get Nigerian Customs to clear your goods faster

Nigerian Customs can take weeks to clear imported goods. Here is how you can get your goods cleared faster and avoid paying excessive storage fees.

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Understanding the Nigeria Ministry of Finance Import Guidelines

The import guidelines set by the Nigeria Ministry of Finance could help you get your e-Form M approved faster, while avoiding custom clearance delays and costly fines.

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How to run a SON transaction simulation

A SON transaction simulation can help you discover your product HS Code and the customs tariff you are likely to pay for importation.

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