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What’s the Difference between a Product Certificate (PC) and a SONCAP Certificate (SC)?

When importing into Nigeria a Product Certificate (PC) and a SONCAP Certificate (SC) are both mandatory. But what are the differences between both certificates? Find out in our recap video!

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Importation of LPG cylinders into Nigeria

The Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinder, commonly known as LPG Cylinder, is regarded by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) as a high-risk item of import. This is due to its use in gas storage for domestic cooking and several other purposes in Nigeria. To protect the end users, the SON has taken measures to ensure that the item passes through repeated scrutiny before being imported into Nigeria.

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Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria - SONCAP Services

Stay ahead of the latest conformity regulations for the SONCAP Certification Process by attending Ade Adediran’s webinar.

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Understanding & Differentiating the Product Certificate (PC) and the SONCAP Certificate (SC)

The importation of goods into Nigeria is regulated by several bodies, the SON being one of such bodies is required to issue a Product Certificate (PC) and a SONCAP Certificate (SC) for all consignments regulated by it under the requirements of the Federal Government of Nigeria to importers to process their Form M and clear their goods.

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Obtain and Verify HS Codes for your Products

Learn how to obtain and verify your Harmonised Systems Code (HS Code).

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