SON guidelines for the importation of e-cigarettes in Nigeria

  • 8/8/2016

The following guidelines, as informed by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), are relevant for the importation of e-cigarettes into Nigeria.

Importers of e-cigarettes into Nigeria should be aware of the following requirements, as defined by SON:

  • E-cigarette importers shall register with SON and obtain a SON approval letter before proceeding with the SONCAP certification process.
  • Only e-cigarettes with Zero Nicotine are allowed to be registered and processed by SONCAP at the present time.
  • E-cigarettes with zero nicotine must not contain propylene Glycol.
  • All e-cigarette imports must first be registered with SON before being processed to obtain the SONCAP Certificate.
  • A letter of responsibility/commitment for any health-related side effect observed as a result of the use of the product must be written by e-cigarette manufacturers before clauses 1-3 are allowed.

For further information, please contact SON at:

SON Building, Plot 13/14 Victoria Arobieke St.
Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.
Lekki, Lagos State,

Or visit

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