How to Check if a Product is SON Regulated

  • 8/27/2021

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) regulates the importation of certain products into Nigeria. This guide shows how you can check if your product is SON regulated.

Importing products into Nigeria can be lucrative for your business. However, before you launch your import business, there are a few things you need to know. For instance, to import any product into Nigeria you need an Import Declaration Form (Form M). This requirement applies to both Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) regulated and unregulated products.

Fortunately, you can easily obtain a Form M at any approved Nigerian Bank. All you will need are regulatory documents such as a SON Product Certificate.

As such, to obtain a Form M and start exporting to Nigeria, you need to verify if your product is SON regulated. To help you check your product’s SON status, we created this simple guide.

Step 1- Open the SON Website

Everything you need to know about SON, including if your product is SON regulated, can be found here

Step 2- Conduct a Quick Website Search

You can easily search for your product using the search bar as shown on the image below.

Step 2.1- Word Search

The easiest way to conduct a product search is by using the product keyword or name. For example, searching with keyword – Batteries.

Step 2.2- Search using HS Codes:

Alternatively, you can search using the product HS Code. An HS code or Harmonized System code is a six-digit identification code. The code serves as a multipurpose international term that describes the type of product being shipped.

Pro tip: While searching with an HS Code you don’t need to enter the entire number. All you need are the first 4 to 6 digits. From there you can scroll down to narrow down your search.

Step 3- Verify Product Status

SON only lists the products it regulates. As such, if you fail to find your product after searching using both the keyword or the HS Code it means your product is not SON regulated. However, your product might still be listed under one of the Nigerian regulation programs (i.e NAFDAC). We recommend that you contact the nearest Cotecna office to check if your product is regulated in Nigeria.

Simply follow these steps to check if your product is SON regulated. Get in touch to let us know how else Cotecna can help you start importing to Nigeria.

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