How to run a SON transaction simulation

  • 11/2/2021

A SON transaction simulation can help you discover your product HS Code and the customs tariff you are likely to pay for importation.

Here is how to run the simulation:

As an importer you might have wondered how to find the HS Code for a particular product. Alternatively, you might have wished to determine the tariff charge your product might incur from Nigerian Customs.

In some cases, you might even be unsure about the documents you need to clear your shipment for importation. Fortunately, running a SON transaction simulation will provide you with the answers to these questions.

First, the SON simulation platform is located on the Nigeria Customs Service single window for trade website. To launch a simulation, you can start on the website homepage and click on the Agencies tab.

Under Agencies, you will find several options, to proceed you should click on SON Services and select Simulate SON Transaction as shown below.

To discover a product's HS Code, you can search the site using the product’s name or a keyword as shown below. Of note, you can also use HS Codes to conduct a search on the platform, for instance if you would like to determine if a product is SON regulated.

Once the details have been entered, the system will automatically generate a list of product HS Codes applicable to the product or keyword. You can then select the appropriate HS Code for your product.

The next step is filling out the form on the What Purpose tab as shown below. To fill out the form, you will need to provide information regarding your product shipment, for instance, the product purpose and how you will transport the consignment.

Additional information that might be required in this section includes the bill of larding (BL) and airway bill (AWB) numbers.

Finally, to fully determine the charges (VAT and Levy) and documents required for customs clearance, you can click on the What Changes/Documents tab. To reveal the documents per product class, hover your mouse/cursor over the alphanumeric options as shown below.

Running a SON simulation will help you seamlessly import your products into Nigeria. To learn more about SON regulations or importing products in Nigeria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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