Merchandise regulated by SON

  • 8/22/2016

Learn more about which products are regulated, and which are not regulated, by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

Goods Regulated by SON

From time to time, in a bid to ensure that the importing community adheres to its requirements and certifies imports, SON reviews and publishes new lists of regulated items.

This is a precious tool to know whether or not your products are regulated by SON. Please note that this list is subject to periodic revision, so make sure you keep yourself updated in order to speed up the export process. The list includes the H.S. Codes of the items as they exists in the Common External Tariff (CET).

To consult the entire CET Tariff Sections, please visit:

Goods Not Regulated by SON

A second list of products that are not regulated by SON is also provided. It equally includes the H.S. Codes of the merchandise and is subject to periodic review. Items in this category, even though not regulated by SON, are/may be regulated by other Agencies and, as such, obtaining their certification is still necessary before shipping them to Nigeria.

To consult the entire CET Tariff Sections, please visit:

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